In this project a home care robot is built, which can approach and initiate communication with the patient being monitored, thus validating the threat of the alerts detected by the sensors attached to the patient. Thus, this robot allows monitoring risk patients such as elderly people, without the need of a caregiver, and allowing them the opportunity to stay at home independently. Scenarios such as the fall detection of elderly patients were demonstrated as part of the project.


A youtube video of the first public demonstration of the ROBO M.D. system by Dr. Satish Srirama

Excuse Me, Have You Fallen Down?”, a blog at UT Blog



  1. JKU (UAT): Johannes Kepler University, Institute for Design and Control of Mechatronical Systems
  2. IEIIT (LOM): Italian National Research Council (CNR) Institute of Electronic, Information and  Communication Technologies (IEIIT) Milano Branch(MI)
  3. Fontys (NBR): Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  4. JU (SWB): University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
  5. UT (Tartu): University of Tartu

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