The research at the Mobile & Cloud Lab contributes to the following fields:

Cloud Computing

The research goal is to study the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud and to study their performance on the cloud.

Scientific Computing on the Cloud

The research goal is to study the migration of scientific computing applications to the cloud and to reduce these applications and algorithms to cloud computing frameworks like the MapReduce.

Mobile Computing

The research deals with developing mobile applications for various platforms and devices (e.g. Android, iOS). It also deals with acquiring and utilizing sensor data in building applications for different domains.

Mobile Cloud

The goal of the research is to investigate how to efficiently utilize cloud resources within the mobile applications (aka mobile cloud applications).

Mobile Web Services

This research theme deals with the invocation, provisioning, discovery and integration of web services from smart phones, in developing mobile applications.

Internet of Things

The goal of this research is to overcome the challenges of cyber-physical systems in the Internet of Things. The challenges include: interoperability, autonomous machine-to-machine communication, automatic configuration, energy efficiency, trustworthiness etc.