Webinar on RADON Data Pipeline: Automating data movement in cloud


We’d like to invite you all to the webinar we have put together for June 25, 2021: RADON Data Pipeline: Automating data movement in Cloud, to discuss data pipeline technology offered by RADON framework with a use case.

The webinar is split into two parts. In the first part, Dr. Pelle Jakovits, University of Tartu, will introduce the RADON framework and its data pipeline tool developed by the team at the institute. You will have an insightful view of the capabilities and out-of-box approach adopted by the RADON data pipeline tool to avoid vendor lock-in issues while migrating and processing on-the-fly data in a cross-cloud platform. In the second part, Dr. Chinmaya Dehury, University of Tartu, will demonstrate the tool with RADON IDE, including designing and deploying the TOSCA based data pipeline service template. Some of the supported platforms that will be demonstrated in this webinar are MinIO, AWS Lambda, Google Cloud, Azure function, OpenStack, etc.

Date : June 25, 2021
Time : 11:00 CET 
Duration : 40 mins

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