Defended theses




  • Efficiency of Apache MiNiFi as a framework for edge computing
    • BSc – Kaire Koljal (supervisor Pelle Jakovits)
  • Reinforcement learning based smart home heating solution in Energy2D simulation software
    • BSc – Erik Mukk ( supervisor Jakob Mass)
  • Integration library for analyzing historical data from the Cumulocity IoT platform in Python
    • BSc – Silver Laius ( supervisor Jakob Mass )
  • A comparison of Over-the-Air Update approaches for the ESP32 and ESP8266 Development Boards
    • BSc – Oliver Ossip ( supervisor Jakob Mass)
  • Generating Process-based Mobile Applications for the Internet of Things using Automated Planning
    • MSc – Kelian Kaio (supervisor Jakob Mass)
  • Coverage Analysis of LPWAN in Estonia: Sigfox and NB-IoT Case Study in Tallinn and Tartu
    • MSc – Nishant Poddar (supervisors: Jakob Mass, Sikandar Khan)
  • Towards AI for Cloud Services Reliability Using Combined Metrics
    • MSc – Tek Raj Chhetri (supervisors: Chinmaya Kumar Dehury, Artjom Lind, Satish Narayana Srirama)


  • Actor Model in the IoT Network Edge for Creating Distributed Applications Using Akka
    • MSc – Freddy Marcelo Surriabre Dick (supervisor Satish N. Srirama)
  • Mobile Phone Digital Evidence Providers to Investigate Driver’s Distraction
    • MSc – Lukáš Bortník (supervisors: Pavel Laptev, Satish N. Srirama)
  • Entity linking via topic models in Apache Spark
    • MSc – Olha Kaminska (supervisors Pelle Jakovits, Peep Küngas)
  • Mobile App for Estonian Literary Musuem’s Graffiti Database
    • BSc – Airis Kruus (supervisors: Jakob Mass, Siiri Pärkson)
  • A Mobile Application for Simplifying the Management of Agricultural Production and Marketing
    • BSc – Kerttu Talts (supervisor Jakob Mass)
  • Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring in the OpenHAB Smart Home Framework
    • BSc – Martin Jürgel (supervisor Jakob Mass)


  • Serverless Computing for the Internet of Things
    • MSc – Manoj Kumar (supervisors: Mario Di Francesco & Satish Narayana Srirama)
  • Securing openHAB Smart Home Through User Authentication and Authorization
    • MSc – Jesús Antonio Soto Velázquez (supervisor Satish Narayana Srirama)
  • Incentive Models for Mobile Code Offloading to Improve it’s Adaptability
    • MSc – Talha Mahin Mir (supervisor Satish Narayana Srirama)
  • Remote management of Docker containers in IoT devices
    • BSc – Markus Peterson (supervisor Pelle Jakovits)
  • Web interface for accelerating IoT device provisioning and configuration at SmartVent
    • BSc – Janar Juusu (supervisor Pelle Jakovits)
  • Business Process Decomposition & Distribution for Adaptive Internet of Things
    • MSc – Andres Kiik ( supervisor Jakob Mass )
  • R Based Smart Home Analysis Solutions
    • BSc – Ako Tõnissoo (supervisor Jakob Mass)
  • Embedded Linux-Based Smart Home Gateway
    • BSc – Toomas Aleksander Veromann (supervisor Jakob Mass)


  • Monitoring and Failure Recovery of Cloud-Managed Digital Signage
    • MSc – Ashish Kumar Sultania, (supervisors Satish Narayana Srirama, Danilo Gligoroski, Tuomas Aura)
  • Framework for Automated Partitioning of Scientific Workflows on the Cloud
    • MSc – Jaagup Viil (supervisor Satish Narayana Srirama )
  • Towards Proactive Mobility-Aware Fog Computing
    • MSc – Sander Soo (supervisors Chii Chang, Satish Narayana Srirama)
  • Disc Golf Course Inference from User Mobile Location Data
    • BSc – Karl Valliste, (supervisor Jakob Mass)

As this list is not exhaustive, you may find more (older) theses done with our group at the UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry