Mobile Cloud Applications

Mobile cloud applications are considered as the next generation of mobile applications, due to their promises concerning the efficient utilization of mobile resources (e.g. offloading when it is needed), the rich functionality that can scale on demand and the reasonable levels of real-time interactivity for managing data-intensive tasks. However, adapting the cloud paradigm for mobile devices is still in its infancy and several issues are to be answered first. Some of the prominent questions are; how to decrease the effort and complexity of developing a mobile application that requires accessing distributed hybrid cloud architectures? How to handle a multi-cloud operation without overloading the mobile resources? How to keep the properties (e.g. memory use, application size etc.) of a mobile cloud application similar to that of a native one?

MCM and the resource intensive tasks can easily be envisioned in several scenarios. For instance, we have developed several mobile applications that benefit for going cloud-aware. Zompopo, consists of the provisioning of context-aware services for processing data collected by the accelerometer with the purpose of creating an intelligent calendar. CroudSTag, consists of the formation of a social group by recognizing people in a set of pictures stored in the cloud. Finally, Bakabs is an application that helps in managing the cloud resources themselves from the mobile, by applying linear programming techniques for determining optimized cluster configurations for the provisioning of Web-based applications.

Research staff

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Satish Narayana Srirama

Huber Flores


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Master theses

Oleg Petshjonkin – Migration of Native Android Applications to HTML5 (2012)

Former staff

Carlos Paniagua

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