Mobile Web Service Discovery

The increasing number of mobile applications that rely on mobile web services demands an efficient and effective discovery mechanism to reduce the bottlenecks and to proceed with the mobile web service provisioning and invocation with success.

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) are self-configuring infrastructure less networks of mobile devices which are connected by wireless links. Each device in a MANET is able to move independently in any direction, and therefore changes its links to other devices periodically. Moreover, each device forwards the traffic unrelated to its own use acting as a router in the network. These networks can be connected to a larger link such as the Internet. However, several challenges arise in this type of networks such as addressing, naming, and service discovery. Most often, MANETs are networks of small size with medium or low mobility. We aim to provide of a efficient and effective mechanism for web service discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks to enable the seamless provisioning of Mobile Cloud Web Services.

Research staff



  • C. Paniagua, Discovery and Push Notification Mechanisms for Mobile Cloud Services, Master’s thesis, University of Tartu, June, 2012. Supervisor: Satish Srirama

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