Asynchronous Notification Services for Mobiles (ANSM)

While the inclusion of notification services within the mobile applications involves to establish and to maintain an specialized infrastructure (e.g. application server, mobile clients) that relies on mobile platform specifications (e.g. mobile registration, etc.) and its related cloud vendor technology (e.g. authentication mechanisms, communication protocols, etc.), existent running infrastructures at any datacenter that are based on instant messaging technologies like XMPP can be adapted, in order to work under a comparable rate of service for delivering notifications to the smartphones, without suffering of message limitations, mobile platform restrictions or cloud provider constraints. In other words, extending technologies such as XMPP facilitates the integration of cloud functionality within the mobile applications and alliviates its development by avoiding the cloud vendor lock-in syndrome.

Research staff

Master theses

Riivo Ehrlich – XMPP protocol implementation between the mobile and the cloud (in progress)

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