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IoT Lab

The Internet of Things and Smart Solutions Laboratory (IoTSS Lab) is established at Mobile & Cloud Lab in collaboration with Telia. The lab has support for smart home and smart office environments. Check the details of the lab on the institute homepage. Gallery of the lab launch event is available here:


SMART HOME (room 321)

Smart Home Lab
  • Reactive, efficient, and effective smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC)
  • Activity recognition
  • Smart energy control
  • Food tracking
  • Object positioning
  • Remote controlled home automation


SMART OFFICE (room 322)


  • Energy efficient workspaces
  • Smart meeting room


The Internet Of Things

Emerging mature mobile and ubiquitous computing technology is hastening the realisation of smart environments, in which the physical objects involved in our everyday life (food, parcels, appliances, vehicles, buildings etc.) are connected. Many of the electronic devices are now granted with a certain intelligence to work together for us and enhance our life. The core enabler is the Internet Protocol (IP) that is capable of providing the addressing mechanism for physical objects towards interconnecting everything with the Internet, which is known as the Internet of Things (IoT)

The goal of IoT is to enhance the broad range of people's lives including but not limited to agriculture, transportation, logistic, education, healthcare and more. Industry predicts in year 2020, around 50 billion physical things will be connected with the Internet, and the economy revenue value will raise up to $1.9 to $7.1 trillion.


Involved parties:

(The Mobile & Cloud Lab, Institute of Computer Science)

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