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Mobile Web Services

This research theme deals with the invocation, provisioning, discovery and integration of web services from smart phones, in developing mobile applications.

The research theme discusses the confluence of two major trends in distributed information systems engineering: the evolution from static content via personalized adaptive information provisioning to web services, and the emergence of mobile terminals with sufficient speed and capabilities to serve as parts of information systems. The combination of both trends yields the idea of mobile web services. In mobile web services domain the resource constrained mobile phones are used as both clients and providers (“Mobile Hosts").

A Mobile Enterprise can be established in a cellular network by participating Mobile Hosts, which act as web service providers, and their clients. Mobile Hosts enable seamless integration of user-specific services to the enterprise, by following web service standards, also on the radio link and via resource constrained smart phones. Several applications were developed and demonstrated with the Mobile Host in healthcare systems, collaborative m-learning, social networks and multimedia services domains.  Challenges associated with establishing Mobile Enterprise were studied extensively in PhD of Dr. Srirama, and the research realized a mobile web service mediation framework (MWSMF) that helps in offering proper QoS and discovery mechanisms for the provided services.

This research theme deals with extending the study to the current generation mobile technologies and devices.


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