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PhD Position

The Mobile & Cloud Lab at University of Tartu has one PhD opening in the field of Internet of Things

The Mobile & Cloud Lab has one PhD opening in the field of Internet of Things:


Title: Adaptive Integration of Abundant Cyber Physical Systemsfor Reliable Internet of Things

Supervisor: Satish Narayana Srirama (srirama AT ut DOT ee) and Chii Chang (chang AT ut DOT ee)


Emerging mature mobile computing technology has hasten the realization of smart environments, in which the daily physical objects (food, vehicles, buildings etc.) are connected. The core enabler is the Internet Protocol (IP) that lets interconnecting everything with the Internet, leading to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The main goal of the project is to investigate, develop and validate an adaptive middleware that can provide a reliable, scalable and cost-efficient IoT management system.

Middleware is a common approach to leverage physical entities with software systems. Since IoT middleware solutions are usually built on top of the existing standard protocol stacks (e.g. CoAP, MQTT, LightweightM2M etc.), deploying IoT systems becomes a critical task not only on selecting the proper protocol but also involves how to manage and optimize the system based on certain context factors. E.g., a scientist may request a periodic environmental monitoring process. Such a request involves how to identify the proper entities to perform the task, and how to ensure the overall process is reliable and cost-efficient?


The position is suitable for students who have completed or are about to complete a Master degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related fields (the degree must be obtained by end of June 2016). All applications from eligible candidates are welcome but in case of high competition, preference will be given to applicants with high GPA in the Bachelors and Masters (e.g. GPA > 4 in the ECTS system); applicants with a high grade in their Masters thesis; and applicants who have demonstrated an interest in research during their studies.

The position comes with a scholarship of 1000 euros net per month for a full-time study commitment.

Mobile & Cloud Lab conducts research and teaching in the mobile computing and cloud computing domains. Our research topics include cloud computing, mobile application development, mobile cloud, mobile web services, Internet of Things and migrating scientific computing and enterprise applications to the cloud.

Applications from talented students from all backgrounds are encouraged. The application procedure is different for Estonian students and for international students:

  • International students should apply via the DreamApply system as instructed here. You should apply for the PhD in Computer Science @ University of Tartu. Please indicate the name of the supervisor (listed above).
  • Estonian students should apply via the SAIS system as instructed here. Please search for the PhD competition to which you wish to apply. The competitions can be searched by title.

In all cases, the application should include a so-called "research plan" (or "application letter"), addressing the following points:

  • The title of the project you wish to do.
  • Your motivation and capability to carry out the PhD project proposed by the supervisor
  • Your personal ideas on how to successfully carry out and finalize the project
  • Your acquaintance with suitable methodology, the proper theoretical background of the applicant and familiarity with key literature
  • A short description of your previous academic activities and how they relate to the PhD project

The deadline for applications is 1 June 2016 for international applicants and 15 June for Estonian applicants.